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  • What can Mist Away be used on?
    Chrome, mirrors, glass, granite, phones, stainless steel, ceramics, cars, tv’s and much more.
  • What is your best selling product?
    Our 5 Litre refill is the best-selling product we have and we're very proud of that. Not only does it help the environment but it's the best compliment we could get from our customers!
  • What is Mist Away cleaning water?
    Mist Away has been through a journey to become pure. Through complex series of filters to remove 99.9% of all contaminants.
  • Can you use Mist Away on TV's and Phones?
    Yes, it's completely safe as long as you don't overuse it
  • Do you ship outside the UK?
    At this time Mist Away can only dispatch in the UK
  • Is Mist Away harmful?
    Mist Away is not harmful, however we do not recommend you drink it by the bottle!
  • Is this available in shops to buy?
    Mist Away is currently only available on our website.
  • Why should I not use de-ionised water?
    ​De-ionisation is in the name, it only removes ions from the water. This leaves behind uncharged molecules including viruses and bacteria.
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