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Our Story

Mist Away was born out of frustration, as a mum and as a professional cleaner I found my biggest enemy became streaks and chemicals, so that's why I decided to tackle both in one product. Fed up of washing windows 4 times to get rid of streaks just to look 10 minutes later and they were back again, I became determined to find a solution.

After a ton of research, I found out that by passing water through a complex series of filters multiple times you can remove 99.9% of contaminates making it the purest water. When there are no contaminates it makes the water hungry to absorb dirt on surfaces making it the perfect partner when I'm out working as a cleaner or cleaning as a parent. 


This water is now called Mist Away. Mist Away is our exciting cleaning product that guarantees a streak free shine, chemical free house and stress free cleaning! Apply it to multiple surfaces in multiple rooms in your home and the results don't fade.  And as mentioned earlier our product is 100% Chemical free and friendly to you, your family and pets all leading to a stress and frustration free cleaning life. But don't just hear it from me, see what our customers think! 


Image by Gabriel Tenan
Image by Saad Ahmad

A little science behind Mist Away

Mist Away has been through a journey to become pure. Our water is passed through a complex series of filters to remove 99.9% of all contaminants. This makes the water thirsty to absorb the dirt, pair this with the high quality glass cloth found on our website and it will remove dirt with ease. Our cleaning water enables  you to spray a small amount and wipe away with little effort. 

It's difficult to avoid cleaning with chemical products, but by using Mist Away you can significantly reduce them in your household, especially on surfaces our children like to touch and even lick, like our bedroom mirrors and windows or Tv screen. The faces they like to pull like how funny when really, you only just cleaned that window!  

100% Chemical free, 100% Streak free. The perfect combination!

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