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Purest Shine 

MistAway is an exciting cleaning product that guarantees a streak free shine to multiple surfaces in multiple rooms in your home. Our product is 100% Chemical free and friendly to you, your family and pets. 


Every bottle purchased includes a FREE premium glass cloth Plus FREE delivery

We offer bottle separately and  package fill options. check out the store to see the options available. package fills include big savings.  

A little science behind MistAway- We remove 99.9% of contaminates, this makes the water thirsty to absorb the dirt, paired with the high quality glass cloth provided removes dirt with ease. our cleaning water enables  you to spray a small amount and wipe away with little effort. Leaving a streak free shine is what MistAway sets out to achieve our cleaning water 

We can’t always avoid cleaning with chemical products completely, but  being able significantly reduce them and especially on surfaces our children like to touch and even lick, like our bedroom mirrors and windows or Tv screen. The faces they like to pull like how funny when really, you only just cleaned that window!  

About Us

About us

MistAway was born out of  passion to provide myself and our cleaning business Willis cleaning with something that was going to make the cleaning experience not only easier but save time, this enabled us to provide a better service to all customers. This brings excellent cleaning results together with a long lasting shine.




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